I am a Bulb Energy customer if you switch to Bulb Energy using my referral link we will both get £50 switching to Bulb is a breeze all you need to do tell bulb a little about your current supplier and Bulb will do the rest.


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Join Bulb using our website. All you need to do is tell Bulb about your current supplier and Bulb will do the rest.

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Bulb will email you with detials of your switch and inform your old supplier that you are switching.

If you are using a pre-payment key wait until Bulb posts your new key out. Once you get your new electric key you need to activate it by topping up min £5 once you have made your first top upp your are elegable to receive £50 wire transfer via TransferWise

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Bulb will email you via TransferWise (Bulb wants to send you money with TransferWise.) You need to complete your transfer by letting TransferWise know were you would like your money sent. Once you have competed your transfer TransferWise will send you another email. (Bulb has sent you 50 GBP with TransferWise.) you don’t need to do anything else £50 will be sent to your bank account within minutes of reciveing TransferWise email.

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By switching to Bulb Energy you could save on average of £178 per year Bulb offers Affordable, 100% Renewable Electricity &
100% Carbon Neutral Gas.

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